Create a New Outlook Profile

Create a New Outlook Profile

Your Outlook Profile is a critical part of your Outlook experience. Your profile is a local file on your computer that stores your account settings, data files and specifies how your Office 365 related data is saved. 

There are situations in which your profile can get corrupt or have other data integrity issues. This can sometimes be as obvious as Outlook not being able to launch or having other subtle issues such as searches not working consistently or other Outlook issues.

Creating a new profile usually fixes most issues and your Office 365 data is not lost as its stored in the cloud and will be downloaded after creating your new Outlook profile. 

These instructions are for Windows 10, if you have not upgraded to Windows 10 please review this article
1. Access the control panel by pressing the Windows Key + R and entering "control panel" and enter as shown below. 


2. The Control Panel Application will open and then enter "mail" in the search box and show below and click Mail (Microsoft Outlook) and then Show Profiles

3. Enter a new profile name by clicking the Add button and click OK 
4. Depending on your setup you will need to enter your Display Name, Email Address and may need to provide your Email password. Do not click Manual Setup. After you entered the information click Next

5. After you successfully connect to Office 365 you will see the following window and Outlook will open and you can click Finish 
6. Select to use the new profile. After your new profile loads and Outlook works properly you can always go back to delete other profile but its not required. 
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